Application : These Rolls are used in Tube forming Industry to form different sizes of tubes.

Types of Rolls: 

  • Breakdown Rolls
  • Forming Rolls
  • Fin pass Rolls
  • Welding Rolls
  • Sizing Rolls
  • Turk’s Head Rolls

Material Grades : D3, D2, H13, EN31, H11, Special steel grades & tungsten carbide

Characteristics: Ksroll Craft Engineers designs & manufactures entire range of forming rolls for the production of tubes with diameters ranging from 0.12″ to 14″ diameter.

In addition to traditional materials like D3/D2/H13, rolls can also be manufactured in special steel grades. Special steel grade rolls & tungsten carbide rolls are offered where surface finish of parent material is of high quality. These rolls offer better wear quality, longer life and are used in areas where absence of marking is critical. We also offer special grades for welding rolls, due to their non-magnetic properties.

The rolls are manufactured with their working surface ground & polished. We offer super finish & mirror polished surface which ensure that the end product is without any marks. The roll set is designed for minimum set up time, high speed operation, lower down time with minimum wear.

Ksroll Craft Engineers produces the entire range of H13 steel rolls for production of copper and aluminum industry including wire rods. The quality of working rolls is crucial in the economic viability of the plant. As an experienced manufacturer of hot-working tool steel, Ksroll Craft Engineers has the necessary facilities to produce these rolls.

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